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Les Suites Orient, Bund Shanghai (Shanghai Dongfang Shanglv Jiudian) overlooks the historic Shanghai Bund and, though the building is new, care has been taken to integrate it architecturally into the mix of classic Art Deco and Neoclassical facades of 1930's Shanghai.

Boasting fantastic views of the glittering glass towers of Lujiazui across the Huangpu River, Les Suites offers a high-end boutique experience with sleek contemporary furnishings, warm and welcoming hues, personalized service and a comfortable residential tone despite its relatively large size (148 rooms and 68 suites).

Les Suites' bar, Le Lounge, serves a refined mix of coffees, teas, cocktails, desserts and more, and the hotel's Cigar Bar offers guests a chance to relax in high style with a stogie and single malt. A state-of-the-art gym, concierge and full-service business center round out Les Suites Orient's services. And, of course, the fine shops and restaurants of the Bund are just steps away...
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住客评论 1930条评论     4.8分/5分 更多
  • e00920135
    Friend, the friend said,
  • luanma7301
    Overall is good
  • Endimi
    Like the
  • tartart123
    Hotel facing the Bund, the location is very good, the hotel service is also very good, very satisfied!
  • FTTrip
    All right
  • Alexyantai
    View class, room, while small, first-class facilities, the favorite was bath, two people can sit in it, look at the views of the Bund.
  • ansontongyf
    Room facilities also is value this price, door on has music meet is pretty surprise of, bathroom wash Taiwan next as makeup Taiwan of design is Rod, but really to makeup words lights slightly dark. landscape is Rod, rainy day not out also can taste river landscape. insufficient of at is single bed slightly small has some, TV channel less and clarity no, can phone connection Bluetooth play music is Rod just often meal card, also has is Wi-Fi signal poor of can, breakfast you, only is also can, And then add some variety would be nice. service is great, and the receptionist's brother is handsome-to detect Wi-Fi's brother was very helpful. in General is satisfied that-
  • jydrjb
    Sounds good, will stay in the future.
  • e00748494
    If not sooner would be better. rooms are a little small.
  • wangli_sfi
    The hotel entrance is a very small door, but it does want to be refined
  • doris1do
    Hotels near the Bund, the scenery is good, the configuration of the room also good, just a lot of insects
  • accdm12345
    Pure trip tour, in hotel, morning enjoy big breakfast, back room Chong Pei coffee looked with East Pearl and the River aboard support between?, midday downstairs tea sat in see get new old time shuttle Shanghai Wind love of corner?, evening cigar room in peek himself like of anime?, bed Qian bubble in bathtub with with East Pearl of dream lights water?, East Hotel worth try try!
  • scutfox
    Good location, convenient travel, but parking is not easy. landscape from the room is great, rooms are small, very good.
  • jacoblx
    Third occupancy. conditions and a variety of services like the hotel. the rooms at the front desk service discount. not as previous offers of tea. proposed to request waiter also took mineral water to cope with. not as before to the elevator.
  • lifangming688
    Good, good
  • gray_maue
    Surroundings hotel services left a deep impression on me, it was very good, and again later.
  • selinna317
    For foreign customers, customer is surprising, very much!
  • cuitong0715
    The room is clean and quite. Highly recommend!
  • seerlee
    Hotels in filling the room with change in the peace hotel, nice
  • anni0525
    Which is very nice
  • cy1390652
    Is a little expensive, tourism
  • sparrowyue
    All right!
  • DF2345
    Hall is not apparent, go to room elevators, others are very good
  • e00586511
    Hotel is very good, have also been upgraded at the front desk, breakfast was less species will also take into account next time stay
  • lingxiao0719
    Booked for in-laws, very satisfied
  • e00149012
    Hotel Beach on the edge of great room view of the Bund scenery, from the Yu garden, not far from Nanjing Road
  • absolutelywang
    Nice, the environment is also very good, seen through the window to the Bund at night was beautiful!
  • Davidboy
    As always, good
  • flyingdodo
    Absolutely great scenery, the rooms are nice, and praise one!
  • beiyuan1128
    When I am staying because the flight was delayed for three hours, until 5 o'clock in the morning to the hotel staff is very enthusiastic reception, rooms good, can be described as high-tech, I don't understand, Shanghai does not belong to China? all the facilities are in English, let me how an illiterate! in a Word no!
  • brandafan
    Which is very nice
  • eyes on me
    OK, no parking
  • wcy316
    Select room location was good, very nice!
  • saeyu
    Too few public facilities of the hotel
  • fb002352
    Hotel location is advantage, bird's eye view of Bund views, out road opposite is ferry, hotel front more low-key, service can, hotel internal environment also good, restaurant and Cafe environment is good, breakfast is style not is more, but also is fine delicious, rooms within of layout and facilities also no can picky, only regrets of is, hotel only 2 a spaces, OK Bund parking away from hotel not far, each hours 10 Yuan, each 24 hours 80 Yuan capped, land inch gold of place didn't doLaw, recommended hotels conditional consultation with the Bund Park parking for resident guests a discount, also parking for guests the hotel offers a convenient. total store experience is very good, in the Bund, Riverview Hotel, this is great, and would consider it again next time!
  • mao3349
    Environmental services are recommended
  • sybb77
    City-view room to see Riverview pity. Festival these days, change room or possible. in addition to the breakfast are very satisfied.
  • e02162086
    Facilities, environment, services were good, business people on business preferred
  • e02675783
    After fine also took into account
  • e02725628
    Invincible Riverview! good facilities, room warm!
  • e01136779
    Parking inconvenience, hotel interior is very refined comfort, location
  • joyce1221
    Hotels have not lived long, can only say that maintenance is also good, but was a bit old. service quality declines, breakfast also good.
  • starl
    That's good
  • opier
    Breakfast is too little, most are cold, for foreigners. bar of the hotel guests can use for free, snacks kids love to eat. the hotel is very stylish and will come again.
  • ainosan
    Just began to has 611 window a blocking wall. 1600 of hotel than 160 of shortcut. and hotel employees communication for has 22 floor of double bed suite. no big bed but window not a blocking wall has many has. lobby is small is belongs to apartments class of hotel. breakfast simple. lots better. recommends visitors not is to see Riverview of also is don't live Bund. price special not mark.
  • feiwen9437
    Position absolute best, with a pair of baby travel, favorite television, can play in the water, the view from the window was beautiful once again! is the breakfast charge for even a small child, for families not too user friendly, can improve the best! next time you will choose to stay.
  • de8008
    Stayed here for 4 days, I feel pretty good
  • YSL414
    Environment and across the street is the Bund ferry
  • science_2000
    Service is very good, leaving necklace in the hotel, call me away
  • liliming1220
    Noon 12 o'clock not to front desk sister on to handle has staying, makes we early into room rest, room door open of moment we are shocked has, housing within sounded cheerful of music, big bed is big Oh, window Bund views invincible, bathroom wet and dry separation, also has big bathtub, can side bath side appreciate Bund views, almost room has more big bathroom on more big, anyway, pattern design novel reasonable, worthy of a late 1500+ of price, traffic convenient of didn't said, weekWai bus taxi lot, good friend!